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  • Sun Sign or Moon Sign
  • The Sun sign is defined by location of Sun at time of Birth and Moon sign is defined by the location of moon at time of birth.

  • Is Astrology Real?
  • Astrology is based on the scientific facts and is a study that has been prevalent in the world for thousands of years. For decades people have believed and worked as per the predictions of astrology.

  • Will Astrology help me even when i do wrong?
  • Astrology is study of planetary situations however you cannot escape your misdeeds.

  • Can Astrology heal health issues?
  • Yes Astrology has an impact on looking at planetary combination and suggests methods to control bad health. It does not replace medical procedures but it helps in aiding it.

  • Out of Astrology, Palmistry, and Numerologist which is most trustworthy?
  • Any one until you refer an expert

  • How can I know which Gem stones suit me?
  • The Best suited gemstones are depended on your sensing and other details. Consult a good astrologer and see the difference.

  • How to know if a remedy is effective?
  • You need to trust the astrologer and have faith in god. Things will improve eventually.

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