I was heading towards Divorce due to difference with my wife and issues with her family. Just after 6 months of marriage everything seemed to be falling apart. When we reached to Pandit Jee, his rematches our horoscopes and found some problems which older astrologers never mentioned. Panditjee suggested some easy Upaaye and there was an improvement within first few weeks only. Now I and my wife are living happily. We recommend everyone to reach out to Pundit jee for any advice.

We create and sell wallpapers and our business was going great however after someone spelled some evil magic on our shop, we saw very bad impact on our business. There was no sales made in our shop and we have faced a lot of loss as our partners left us. We faced a lot of issues and reached to Pandit A.K. Chaturvedi ji as last resort, He guided us and we achieved relief in few months itself and now our business is doing well as earlier.

When I was seeking a good marriage alliance for my daughter in 2012, I came to know that she was highly manglik. There were many fears that came to our minds and we felt it would be impossible to find the right match for her. However when we reached to Pundit Jee for his guidance then he gave us very easy solution. We did all the rituals suggested and managed to stay carefree about our daughter’s marital life.

No problem is bigger than the faith and correct solution provider. Thanks a lot Pandit AK Chaturvedi ji for giving us the relief from bad eye of some people who hated us. Due to black magic everyone in my family was going through unexpected accidents and health issues. The Mantra provided by Panditjee helped us shun away the bad eye and we returned to our normal lives after that.

I had problems in conceiving and even after several years of medical care I could not be a mother. After lot of waiting and speculations, finally I ended up contacting Pandit Jee. His consultation and right Solution helped me get rid of the bad omen that was stopping me to conceive. Me and My husband performed the rituals and simple pooja suggested by Panditjee and it changed our lives. Now we are blessed with a baby girl who is healthy and beautiful.